“El pulpo” or “Having some great days at GUADEC 2012 in A Coruña”

GUADEC 2012 - A Coruña

This years GUADEC took place at A Coruña and besides the usual face to face meetings I took the opportunity to have some deeper discussions in topics I am currently working on. With the GNOME design team and the GTK+ developers we discussed the next steps to improve touch support in GTK+. This all looks really promising.

Martin Pitt did a great job bringing the PyGOBject community together for a Hackfest. I looked at the Gstreamer 1.0 situation and what we need t do to port to it (we have to port to GTK+ 3 and PyGOBject as well at the same time). Most of it is straight forward, but some of the API like TagList is not very pythonic, for example you can not iterate over the taglist. This can be fixed with overrides or by adding API for that purpose, a related discussion happens in this bug.

During the WebKitGTK hackfest I had the opportunity to discuss zoom to content support in WebKitGTK and my request that links that are opened from external applications open in Epiphany in a new tab rather than in a new window. Also it was very interesting to see the recent work that has been gone in the tabless work in Epiphany (aka Web). This is something I envisioned as well for the Sugar Browse activity. Happy to see others working on the same track.

It was a very productive time, happy having seen again known faces and to meet new people. Looking foward to next years GUADEC. Big thanks to all the organizers who made this possible and OLPC for sponsoring my attendance.


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